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  • #1 Igor
    Thinker point
    Without Indian money that was supposed to flow into development and sales to India of FGFA the Russian SU-57 is effectively dead. SU-57 will never dominate Russian skyes.
  • Resident Expert point
    If the object of a weapon platform were to protect the nation, wouldn't it make more sense to design a plane that could be built at a moderate price, that could be kept airworthy, say one million dollars, in the tens of thousands, train hundreds of thousands of pilots to fly them, and have the capability to quickly go into massive production in the event of an actual war? It's so obvious this plane is just a way to put money into crony pockets, and get cush jobs for government officials after retirement!
  • Futurist point
    While in here, NBF seems to trash and garbage the F'35s, in some other places, they seem to be ready at all. Who can we believe ??