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  • NBF Moderator point
    Oh yes. Brian is now advocating we adopt Chinese sweatshop methods, it seems.

    Tesla Probed by California Regulator on Workplace Conditions
  • Resident Futurist point
    It is not terribly relevant but the US intentionally let the Soviets get the first satellite. The point was that Eisenhower desperately wanted a spy satellite above the Soviet Union, but was concerned by the flying over sovereign airspace issue. By letting them go first, they would have no cause to complain later. Few people knew this, so they just thought he was not on the ball, and we were falling behind.
  • NBF Moderator point
    I wouldn't have put it quite like that. The story as I read it was: The US had rockets with enough velocity to get something into orbit, and they decided it would be an international political issue and so held off.

    Then the Russians went ahead and the USA was all "Oh. OK then..."

    But they didn't "intentionally let the Soviets get the first satellite". If they'd known the Russians were about to launch they probably would have jumped in to be first.

    Though if you have a reference that said they deliberately let the Russians be first then I'd be interested.