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  • NBF Moderator point
    There was never really ever a true Sputnik "moment".

    There was this Red Scare overhyping by the military-industrial complex in league with the burgeoning deep state that we all now know and love over an orbiting coffee can making beeping noises, instead.
  • Resident Thinker point
    You miss the whole point, that Sputnik was far less a technical development than a political moment, at a time when academia around the world was beginning to sing the praises of Stalin's "Socialist Camp" louder. Sputnik gave the academics and statist politicians something to scream about for more leverage to make the "socialist camp" look good to students and politicians around the world. It worked right up until Apollo undid its effectiveness, though its momentum continued for decades.

    In the same fashion, we now have a great hullabaloo that could make China look like an on-coming tidal wave, though it is pushed far more by "Confucius Institutes" and their less obvious equivalents, all paid out of Beijing's pockets, than by the ever condemned MIC here. The idea being, once again, to make people around the world *assume* that China will become the predominant State on Earth. Since Confucian theorizing, like socialist theory, does not accept that non-hierarchical relationships are important, they assume the old sociopaths' argument, that "you're either on top, or you're on the bottom", and that those who are on the bottom, ...or will soon be, ...should just "lay back and enjoy it".
  • NBF Moderator point
    I still don't see how that wasn't a "sputnik moment". Yes, the events you describe happened. They happened at a particular point in time. That point can be described as a "moment". Hence: Sputnik moment.