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  • Resident Futurist point your bets. At what year will this access to rocketry kill or critically cripple the "Flat Earth" thinkers? Will, vacationers to the Moon be enough? Or will it take BFRs acting like airliners flying millions of people halfway around the world in an hour? Or maybe you think they are insincere pranksters now, and just like playing the game?

    When you start flying from LA to Hong Kong, you are going to see the curvature of the Earth unless you refuse to look out the window. You are an Astronaut!

    Friends, neighbors, relatives...all astronauts! At what point are they denying the existence of pineapples and dogs...hiding in their basements, fingers in their ears, yelling la la la to maintain the delusion?
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    They will keep believing. The problem is with their mindset.

    For instance look at someone like Joe Rogan. The guy to this day, after debating it in a very friendly way with N.D.Tyson for his podcast, has some serious inability to truly compute the new parameters (facts vs erroneous assumption, e.g. the complete implications of 1/6 gravity for astronaut movement as seen on camera, or the fact that films back then were crappy and commonly rendered on screen at different speeds and pic quality etc, nevermind the non physics parts like conforming 10s of thousands of people to toe the line on the cover up) when on other topics he is remarkably flexible and agile with new perspectives.

    It shows that the conspiracy mindset typically solidifies around a gut feeling about something and then builds backwards from that, and obviously that's the opposite of empirical investigation.

    People with that cognitive bias will just keep piling on the convenient fudge and rube goldberg additions for their pet theory to keep on truckin. Like... with a trip to orbit they'd probably have their brains go into overdrive noticing all kinds of clues that they've been drugged with a hallucinogen in the cabin oxygen, or whatever. Emotions kick in and the whole conspiracy gets more and more bulletproof from their POV.
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    Are you genuinely unaware that Flat Earth theorizing is just a long running contrarian joke? At least for something like 99% of "Flat Earthers".