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  • Resident Futurist point
    The location has less than 5,000 people...unless they are planning to reopen the former gulag. Seems like a lot of money to blow for 5,000 people. 70MW also seems like a lot of power for 5,000 people. Planning on powering some defense lasers or something?

    I like the technology, though, I would have made it to be resistant to tsunamis, and completely submersible for a couple hours at a time if it became necessary or unavoidable, and parked at least half a mile offshore.

    I think nuclear power plants that are submersible and resistant to tsunamis are ideal for Hawaii, the Philippines, Japan, and other islands. And of course coastal areas like this one. Alaska could use a few. As well as California. Washington and Oregon have a lot of hydroelectric, so they should not need it...maybe Oregon. BC could use it maybe.
  • NBF Moderator point
    70MW also seems like a lot of power for 5,000 people.

    14 kW each does sound like a lot. But that includes the residences AND the workplaces, including a port, an airport, and a railway.

    And all this needs to operate in absolutely freezing conditions. Add in a safety margin and round up to the nearest stock reactor size and it isn't a silly number.
  • Expert point
    Maybe sink it with ballasts that can be purged. Great idea; make it as uncomfortable as possible for the crew. Still, likely just going to moor them if this becomes a thing. These ideas about building underground or sinking items underwater are costly. For instance, Bechtel made it known to the B&W geniuses that building the mPower containment underground would force serial installation of components with cranes as opposed to parallel installation of components on ground level with forklifts. Bechtel also said that the part of the reactor building that was underground would need to be a racetrack shape instead of a rectangle to resist pressure of the earth. Oh yeah, and groundwater would work to float it also. Underground makes for nice marketing though. The pressure-hull of a sunken powerplant for use in 50' of water would probably be the most expensive component.

    What would be ideal for the Philippines would be fewer people.

    They were going to float nuclear reactors off the Atlantic City NJ coast in the 1970s. They didn't do it.