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    The Chinese using original Oak Ridge technologies reports are now moving forward. They were supposed to share their IT since we supplied ours for free. We shall see since the Chinese have no respect for intellectual property rights.

    So what is the US government doing?? NOTHING They are controlled by big oil and big oil will not let this happen until they pump every last barrel and destroy the planet. We have let the solar cell lead fall to the Chinese and now we are letting the nuclear industry fall to the Chinese so the Oligarchs of oil can maximize their profits.
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    This is not a good example of Chinese IP theft. Instead, you are perpetuating some myth that the Chinese cannot develop things themselves. MSR is very low tech. Nothing to steal.
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    A Chinese delegation visited Oak Ridge something like a dozen times, in I think 2012, with specific focus on MSR technology. They did develop a lot of technology since then, but they got a great kick-start from ORNL, approved and coordinated by DoE. And all the while, DoE was pooh-poohing the notion of the US developing its own damn invention, in its own labs. Go figure.