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    The Chinese using original Oak Ridge technologies reports are now moving forward. They were supposed to share their IT since we supplied ours for free. We shall see since the Chinese have no respect for intellectual property rights.

    So what is the US government doing?? NOTHING They are controlled by big oil and big oil will not let this happen until they pump every last barrel and destroy the planet. We have let the solar cell lead fall to the Chinese and now we are letting the nuclear industry fall to the Chinese so the Oligarchs of oil can maximize their profits.
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    Not quite that simple. Sure a lot of special interests are thwarting MSR development in the USA, enabled by the NRC, etc. The biggest scam is the "environmentalists" campaign of radiophobia (they're working to shut down all existing PWR reactors). The big lynchpin is the Linear No Threshold hypothesis, which is used to exact ludicrous and unscientific "radiation safety" regulations. The standard NRC refrain is that "we can't change things without getting public opinion to change."--which was changed by these shysters in the first place over the last 40 years. Remember "Atoms For Peace"? Not any more. Radiation! Aaaagh! We're all gonna die!

    The actual consequences of TMI, Chernobyl, Fukushima Daiichi have been GROSSLY exaggerated.

    So the Chinese will get another one up on us. Our private industry would do this without tax dollars, except: 1. The nuclear safety regulations inhibit devellopment. 2. Public opinion (radiophobia) means there aren't enough VC folks who'll participate.
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    Is it true that most if not all of the nuclear reactors in use today, the land based reactors used for electric power generation, do not or cannot use ANY of the power they produce on site? This is the reason, or one of the reasons, for the requirement of back up diesel generators? If this is correct, can you tell me why? I have always been mystified by the need for reactors to be tied to the grid and to be tethered to diesel generators that eventually run out of fuel and leave the reactors in a precarious position!